Katie Hobson and Brian Davis have been full time artists since 1999 they collaborate on every aspect of their venture. Earthen Craft Pottery is exhibited widely in national shows. Their work is also featured in galleries and fine shops throughout the country, some of it in private collections internationally.

Inspiration and Process

Our Celtic collection is carefully researched from architectural features and ancient stone carvings. The crafting process is entirely by hand. Delicate plaster molds take several hours to carve, then pressing is done with a wooden press we've built from a traditional design. The process from raw clay to finished work can take 2 weeks, when one considers tiles must dry for about a week and them will spend 2 days in firing stages. Hand-painted glaze requires as many as three coats to achieve the desired richness of color

   Simplicity is the main concept in any piece we create and much of the inspiration is found in our home in Michigan. Glaze colors tend toward natural tones natural ranging from mossy green to lake blue. We find beauty both refined and rugged in the contrast of glossy glaze and stoneware clay. We thoroughly enjoy working with clay, and find it lends itself well to natural forms, as it is the simplest representation of our living world.